Shelly Farley Group: Let’s Talk Kitchen Remodels

I recently read that a kitchen remodel should take 6 to 9 months to plan. 6-9 MONTHS?!   Really?  Well, after reading a little further I now understand why.  Proper preparation not only takes time but it also reduces your stress long term. Homeowners like to change their mind!  You won’t be tempted to change your mind during construction and create change orders, which will inflate construction costs and hurt your return on investment.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan.  What is important in your kitchen? Space? Storage? Environmentally friendly materials?  Pick out your materials prior to starting the remodel process.  You will save time and money. Schedule the work to be done carefully!  If you want your project completed by the holidays, don’t start it on November 1st! It should begin no later than September 1st.

2. Be Quality Conscious.   Functionality and Durability are a priority in any kitchen. Don’t be tempted to buy a product just because it’s less expensive.  Sometimes it is on sale for a reason.

3. Appliances.  You may want that commercial range and oven but will you really use it? Look for appliances that are functional, durable and built by brands you trust.  Look at consumer reviews and don’t forget to check out Consumer Reports!

4. The importance of Lighting.  Lighting is the most overlooked item in any room and it is very important.  What are you trying to accomplish in your kitchen? Do you need to create ambiance? Is it a darker kitchen and you need to add light? Do you have any design flaws that would affect the lighting?

After all of the lighting, you have to navigate the bulbs! Yikes!

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Hire A Professional.  I know there are a lot of DIY shows on TV and they make it look easy.  It’s not.  There are always surprises to any remodel project.  Just acknowledge it will happen, breath deeply and smile.  It will look beautiful in the end.