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There are many real estate companies to chose from as a consumer as well as a real estate professional.  I have been with RE/MAX for over 10 years.  There are cheaper companies for me to chose from. But I love the commitment and professionalism displayed by not only the RE/MAX organization, but also from my fellow agents.


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A Seller’s Guide To Navigating The Home Inspection.

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A Seller’s Guide To Navigating The Home Inspection.

There are two ways a home inspection comes into play when selling your home.

Option 1: You, the Seller, order a pre listing inspection and repair the “hot list” before you list the property for sale. Why would a seller do this?  Knowledge is power! It gives the seller a leg up in the negotiation process.  The repairs are not an “unknown” to the buyer so they will feel more confident submitting their offer.

In Arizona, there is a section of the contract that is called “Non Working WARRANTED items.”  What does this mean?  There are certain items in your house that the seller is required by contract to repair IF the buyer tells you they are broken. (Section 5A, Page 4) These include: heating/AC, electrical, plumbing, mechanical items/systems, (including those associated with pool systems), and built in or stand alone appliances. Yikes! As a seller, I would want these systems inspected and if necessary repaired before I list my house for sale and go through the emotions of selling.

Option 2: Wait for an offer and hope the inspection report doesn’t scare away the buyer!  Buyers are nervous.  They are making the biggest investment of their lives and if there are a lot of items on the inspection report they begin to question the value of the home.  Did they offer too much? Is it going to be a lemon? Will the repairs be expensive?  For every $200 a buyer has to spend, they deduct $1000 off of their perceived value of your home.

Selling a home can be very stressful.  But pre planning can reduce a lot of your stress and aggravation. Try to remember, this is a business transaction and it is not personal.  Keep a clear head and distance yourself from the outcome.  Don’t forget to listen to your real estate professional!






Don’t Try This At Home? DIY Don’ts!

I am addicted.  I am addicted to those remodel shows on HGTV. House Crashers, Yard Crashers, Property Brothers.  The list goes on. Saturday mornings are my favorite time to watch HGTV too. I wake up, grab a big cup of coffee and pop on the TV.  What will they do today?!

Perhaps I should have started this with the disclaimer, “I am NOT a handy person, but I aspire to be.” My last project looked simple enough.  I removed my clay based tile in my house.  It looked easy enough.   Just to make sure I watched a few YouTube “How To’s.”  And off to Lowes I went to get a tile chisel (see image below) and a sturdy hammer.  Did I mention the goal was to remove roughly 1100 feet of tile?  With a chisel and a hammer?  4 weekends later I reached the point of frustration. I had removed about 600 feet.  However, it was not level.  Little did I know there was a handy dandy machine that plugs into an electrical socket and just pops that tile up like it’s a Packman eating dots!  Enter the forever loved Tile Remover/Installer that I hired.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m proud of what I did accomplish but it is NOT an easy job to remove tile.

For those of you who also aspire to be handy, let me give you some advice. Do Not ATTEMPT THIS BY YOURSELF. HIRE A PRO TO HELP YOU.

1. Tub Replacement. It looks deceptively simple.  It’s not. The tub space commonly needs to be reframed and wood rot removed. What happens if the drain lines don’t line up correctly? Let the plumber handle this and take on the challenge of replacing of the tile yourself.

2. Hot Water Problems. There are several reasons you may not have hot water. Some of these include element issues, thermostats or needing to replace the whole hot water tank. A plumber can tell you what’s wrong in minutes because they have the proper tools to check it out.  Let them!  (And if you live in Arizona, you are suppose to acquire a permit to replace a hot water heater.  Most people don’t know this.)

3. Foundation Issues or slab leaks. Is this due to settling, soil issues, cracked water pipe in foundation, the post tension slab is busted?  See my point. Hire a pro.

4. Main sewer lines or gas line issues. HUMM lets see…risk being covered in biological waste or possibly blowing up the neighborhood?  I don’t want to be that neighbor. Forgetting to call Bluestake and accidently cutting through the cable or electrical lines?  You will forever be the neighbor who caused them to miss the game, match, series, movie marathon, etc…  You get my point.

I am all for exploring your handy side and learning new things.  Just be sure you are not working so far outside your skill set that you can harm yourself, your friends and family or the neighbors. tile removal chisel


Top 4 Mistakes Sellers Make When Selling

overpricing image for sellers In today’s market, Buyers are extremely savvy and start their research online.  Sometimes they know more about the property’s value than you do! Its important to be realistic and aggressive in todays balanced market. (It’s game on in a sellers market!) Let the Shelly Farley Group help you navigate the sale of your home in our ever changing market.

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